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Our Coaching Partners and Programs

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Programs and Plans

Through our ecosystem of experts, we can provide access to training and 1-on-1 courses for every business no matter where they are in their journey or what the end goal is.

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The Organization Room Full of Masters Group
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The Tier 2 Organization membership.  This group is focused on more in depth small group coaching from a wide array of specialized successful business owners several times a month to cover everything you need to know to take your business to the next level and scale yourself to freedom!


The Vault R.E. investors group

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Our real estate investing, flipping, hard money, and emipre building training group led by our own massively successful Chase Colliers.  This group will work you through everything you need to know to get into the real estate investing games and how all the pieces work and work together.

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Business Exit planning

It is never too early to start learning what is involved in the process of you exiting your business, this can be as simple as a one time valuation and consulting meeting to a full multi year preperation package that maximises both the amount of money you get on exit while reducing the stress, tax impact, and emotional burden that usually accompanies the process.  Or plan for the hand off to a chosen heir, whether in the family or a current staff member.


Sales Training and Development

You or your sales staff need a little bit of help to get to the next level?  Just need to motivate them and move that dial?  Then this is for you!  We have multiple veterans of the sales game on call that each have their own specialized way of getting it done and area of expertise to make sure we have the right coach to fit your needs.


Business Owner to CEO Consulting Program

You started a business for a reason, now for whatever reason you are struggling to scale it, to hire, to take time off.  The income and freedom you thought you were going to get just has not happened.  This is one on one consulting with Jethro Hopkins to scale and develope your business into an asset the runs without you, an asset that can be sold at any time you choose and an asset that both makes you income and gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.


Need a Speaker?

If you need a speaker for an event we have a solid roster of presenters that can help you out.

Experience levels from first couple of year speakers to ones that have been on national stages that can speak on a massive array of topics to fit your needs and your events budget!

Let us know what you are interested in!

Or if you need something that is not standard we would love to discuss it with you.


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