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We are here to grow you and your business.  

We do this through a combination of business education events, mastermind events, and national-level speakers. We are not a "tips" group, we do not have protected seats.   People do business with people they like, know, and trust.  We put you in the room and in the situations where people can get to know and like you.

Between Lincoln and Omaha we currently run between 6 and 10 in-person events every month.


Your membership gets you access to all of them.

What Didn't They Teach You in School?

80% Of Businesses Fail within Their First 3 Years of Business!

How We Can Help!


  1. Support: Building a business requires a skillset and support structure you only get from other owners.

  2. Networking: Your network builds your net worth, and you must be connected to the right people in order to grow. People do business with people the know, like and trust.  If other businesses and the community do not know who you are then how do you get to the next two steps?

  3. Knowledge: Knowledge is potential, in order to grow, you want to take the action required to step up to the next level and start supercharging your business efforts. We give you the knowledge in the domains of sales, operations, motivation, accountability and marketing to execute in your business.

We believe in connecting leaders and industry executives with like-minded individuals for the purpose of enhancing professional and personal networks. The Organization provides exactly that in a fun, friendly, and comfortable setting.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to build new relationships and advance your career. We focus on providing the best access to coaches, networking events, and personal growth opportunities to our members.  

How about our mission to improve the communities we do business in?


This network provided Christmas to 133 families last year, and has already assisted in providing supplies to the little pantry project and mosaic of SE Nebraska this year.

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